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"We absolutely love living here. The staff is so friendly and the residents are too. Great amenities and events - looking forward to when it’s warm enough for pool days!"
"Not very respectful, and no fellowship. Speeding in parking lot, poops all over, pet hair all over the place. Lost packages frequently. Building very noisy."
"Great apartment community. Maintenance is on point. The only issue was smell from smaller dog parks (near the garage) but it has been taken care as of recent."
"This place is amazing! The staff is extremely sweet and made the move in process so simple. I feel really safe in this location and the community of people living here are great! Shops are all within 5-10 miles!!"
"One of the best apartment complexes in Austin! We are so happy with the amenities and the our apartment looks so nice with new appliances and hardwood floors."
"Great location, good amenities, high ceilings and luxury finishes, and really helpful staff. I'm coming up on 3 years, and I feel at home here."
"I’ve really loved living here, it’s clean and the amenities are great. There’s a lot nearby in Sunset Valley and it’s also a close ride to the city."
"Love living here! I’m on my second lease term here and am very happy. The staff, residents, location, and upkeep of property are amazing. Feels like a community."
"It’s a soft landing and gets the job done. Of course I wish there were industrial grade ceilings to reduce noise from upstairs neighbors and complaints from downstairs neighbors, but hey, that’s apartment life. I’m in awe of the theft issues way over here as I’ve had property stolen such as my locked up bike to packages at my door. The parking gate breaks a lot leaving me locked out, usually late at night, fire alarms go off without cause/explanation where we have had to vacate now multiple times (once there was a pipe burst), and the delivery kiosks break with no comms on when they’ll be fixed (or that they are broken), same with the grills. However, the staff is pretty great. Maintenance is responsive. The space is nice and fairly maintained (except the gym and the stairwells, yuck). I’d say for the price it’s a VERY high value IMO. I’ve paid far more for far less and am grateful I found this spot as a soft landing."
"There are a lot of things that show that respect and following rules is not very common in the community. Night noise, trash outside the trash shoots, speeding in the parking lot, even I saw someone opening the door from the parking lot with his foot, yes so you had to push with your hand after he used his shoe on the handle."
"It has been awesome living here so far. Only grimace is out of control of the staff — some dog owners don’t clean up after their dogs. EX: Poop in dog park/outdoor grass or giving dog haircuts in the washroom and not cleaning up the dog hair. Other than this, the staff, amenities, unit, etc, has been above expectations."
"As I type this I can hear the dog that lives above me barking (which woke me up a couple hours ago) repeat this alarm clock daily. You’re forced to pay trash valet which has a list of rules very few residents follow. But the issue is the trash collector who continuously throws your trash bin against the wall (which woke me up at 1am this morning) Then they roll back and forth down the hallway repeatedly dragging trash in a loud bin on wheels… then you get to listen to them drop trash down a shoot 4 stories, ending in a loud bang with every drop. Repeat for an hour for 5 nights a week. A group of teenagers are likely to help keep you awake by getting drunk outside your window blasting music at 3am and dancing around the fire pit screaming. Even if it’s Tuesday. Security won’t help when you call (they’re creepy and will just stare at you when they see you, making you VERY uncomfortable) Overall, you’ll lose A LOT of sleep living here with all the noise. Great ceiling fans though."
"Pretty great so far, might look into upgrading to 2bd/bath when lease is up. Amenities are great. Front staff have been helpful and maintenance is almost always on point"
"Victoria was so helpful with our application process for our apartment. Alexan Garza is one of the best communities I’ve been in! The amenities with all of our great neighbors makes Garza Ranch very memorable."
"Very calm and nice place to live. Leasing team is amazing and friendly. Amenities are good and the place is very safe. Their conference room and Amazon hub amenities are cool"
"Love it here so far! Beautiful property and responsive management staff. And i feel very safe here. The staff are quick to respond to issues and make an effort to put on community events and initiatives for the residents in the building."
"Our leasing agent Victoria was so helpful! She’s making our experience so much easier and exciting! I was always worried about the stress of moving, so I’m super grateful for this experience."
"Great Place to live Great location Very clean and very helpful staff our experience in this place has been amazing , the Pool is great and all the activities is a very nice place to stay, we enjoy our time in Austin in everything is close by"
"I enjoy living at Alexan Garza Ranch but my only issue is the constant construction around the complex. Other than that, very quiet and friendly place to call home."
"Very clean. Great maintenance. Zero pests. Beautiful, relaxing pool. Apartment unit way too far from any parking- pretty long walk no matter where parked."
"Love the community and area around me. Everything I need is right around me. From restaurants to grocery stores and everything else you could think of."
"Alexan Garza Ranch is a great community. Wonderful management and neighbors. I have not had any problem thus far. I am aware of an increase in lease price, however I have not been impacted yet."
"AGR has the best location! Close to downtown without the insane traffic. Many retail stores, restaurants, and grocery stores nearby. And easy access to MOPAC."
"Not only is this apartment stunningly beautiful, I always feel taken care of and that my needs will be met. I look forward to coming home every day to my beautiful apartment."
"Apartment is great. Amenities are great. Some of the noise and a lot of break ins and a lot of water shut offs and we have been here two years."
"Honestly one of the best apartment communities I've lived in, especially here in Austin, with so many great amenities, location, and a very vibrant community."
"Living at AGR has been so amazing. I love that they just redid the landscaping it really gave the entire property they ooomf we were all looking for!"
"Good. Certain things are tough but overall not bad. Wish it were cheaper though... and that it didn't cost so much to apply! But the app and Marketplace is good"
"Amazing staff, location, and amenities! 10/10 would recommend. The location is conveniently located next to Mopac, so it is only a 5-10 minutes commute to downtown."
"The amenities truly make this place stellar. I recently had a maintenance issue that took a bit longer to fix, but the maintenance team did a great job on repairs and I’m pleased."
"Overall good experience.The leasing office staff is friendly. Great amenities. Would like more conference room/co-working space. Would be perfect if they had more soundproofing as the walls are kind of thin."
"Love the pool and how secure it is to live here. Love all the little extra spaces to read and relax. Enjoyed the party area . We had a small gathering for Sasha’s first Birthday."
"Love living here. We originally lived in a spacious one bedroom apartment and have decided to stay and upgrade to a two bedroom. It was a seamless process"
"I consider that is just another apartment complex in Austin. A modern architecture is the main feature. But other than that, just average. Another fish in the Atlantic."
"I’ve only been here a few days so far, but everything has been wonderful! From the dog parks to the maintenance to the quality of the apartments and staff. Everything is exceeding expectations!"
"We love living at Alexan Garza. The office staff is great and the community is well-maintained. Great place in Austin for apartment living!! :)"
"Constantly shutting off water to make repairs... Also seems unsafe as there are constant thefts in the garage. Nice place otherwise, you just need to have to be willing to forego showers and carry a gun. Not a problem for me really."
"Love the staff! Super friendly and quick to respond. Love Mary Helen, so knowledgable and always ready to help. We can’t wait to live in this apartment."
"Great community. Lots of stores in the area, nearby grocery stores, feeds off the highway too for easy access. If you’re looking to live south every thing is here."
"Been incredible staying here. Maintenance is great, beautiful property, great people. They have a well kept pool, gym, mailroom, and 2 wonderful community centers"
"Management is great and efficient. Happy with the community around the apartment. I also love the location of the complex where I don’t need to communicate too far"
"Great apartment complex. No major issues. The garage sensor fails to function occasionally. Wish there were more community events as there were last year"
"Great front staff. Great communication. Great location and fantastic apartments with new amenities! Highly recommend! It’s not everywhere in Austin where you have a strong community that appreciates and cares for their customers even after a some employee turnover!"
"I love living here! Great location, nice amenities, apartments are updated, and everyone who works here is friendly/ really goes above and beyond :)"
"We’ve lived at AGR for the past 2 years and have so enjoyed the community, amenities, location and our home! The staff in the office and maintenance teams are always so kind and helpful!"
"Alexan is a home that has all the best amenities and staff. The location is so close to everything you could possibly need and it's super close to downtown. The landscape and amenities are always taken care of with 2 dog runs to take my dog to run and play and bonus it has a dog wash! it's so much better than trying to wash her in the bathtub"
"Best leasing staff around! Love them! 10/10 would recommend Alexan Garza Ranch to all. Have had zero issues here and any work orders are handled within hours. Very happy to be here!"
"Beautiful community, wonderful apartment offering luxurious living space. The finishes make you feel home. The gym is very well appointed, looking forward to use the pool. If you are a dog lover this is the space for you."
"It’s been quiet and people are very nice here. Great amenities and smart technology around the building that make things easier, Wish there were more resident events but understandable because of covid."
"We just moved in and so far everything has been great. The apartment community is absolutely beautiful and so comfortable and the amenities are top notch. The location is so convenient, everything is just around the corner."
"Just moved in but so far so great! Staff is very helpful when we have an issue. Amenities are fantastic and the area is good. Five stars!!!"
"They staff has been very helpful along with everyone I’ve met here so far! I like how clean they keep the gym everyday! Plus the coffee machine downstairs is a bonus!"
"Overall really great place to live. It’s clean, and management is on top of the administration. Love the amenities and how it feels so close to everything at the complex."
"Things getting lost, cars being opened, trash rooms rarerely clean, corridors full of pet hairs, litter in parking lot, pool rules barely observed."
"Over all I have enjoyed my experience however the rent increase was pretty drastic. Also the water shut offs and silverfish are frustrating."
"Everything has been great besides dog pee smell! I still need to make more use of the amenities but the bonfires look great at night from my balcony anyway :)"
"I love it at Alexan Garza Ranch. The staff is attentive and kind. The community is clean and quiet. The amenities are great. The layouts are beautiful and well thought out."
"I love it here. The staff is great and very helpful! All of the areas are super clean and updated. I love the court yard fire place the most!"
"Move in was easy. The very few things that needed tending to were ironed out in the first 24 hours. Staff is professional and friendly. Tons of opportunity with the amenities during warmer weather."
"I love the community. Recently got a puppy and the dog park is great. Nice facilities- gym is always being used. I am looking forward to the summer at the pool"
"Great location! Great amenities! Great staff/leasing office! My apartment layout has a big kitchen island making the apartment feel very big."
"The location, price, and amenities are great, but the staff really make this place. They will bend over backwards to make sure you are taken care of."
"Best leasing staff in all the land! Love the complex and the amenities. Can’t beat the oversized and spacious pool. Gym is never packed. Have zero complaints."
"Great place to live with an amazing staff that maintains it in top condition! The community living spaces are insane and management does an amazing job of catering to our every need. 10/10 would recommend."
"I love the location, the outdoor spaces, and the amenities. I would love to participate in more community events as they pop up! One criticism is that there is a first floor hallway passing one of the dog runs that I just have to avoid all around because of the smell there - I wish something could mitigate that issue. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thanks!"
"Just finished signing my lease and management has been helpful. Thanks. Looking forward to moving in. Other than that, I have nothing else to say."
"Very happy here at the Alexan Garza! I may be new here but everyone I’ve met thus far has been quite friendly & helpful (especially the dog owners)! The front office staff always has a big smile on their faces too!"
"Mary Helen was and used still very helpful! I’m looking forward to moving in and getting acquainted with the rest of the community at Alexan Garza."
"I really love being apart of this community. It feels so nice to call this my home. Everyone is always so nice and my dog loves all the dog parks AGR offers"
"My experience has been amazing! The place was exactly what I expected and everything is going smoothly. Great location and very helpful staffs. Plus the community is so nice. The only issue was my shower pressure is low so it’s hard to take a shower but I have a request put it and that should be fixed soon."
"Still love living at Alexan Garza Ranch. I always feel safe in my neighborhood and the amenities can't be beat. Everyone who works on site is also wonderful from maintenance to office staff. I appreciate that they know not only me by name, but my dog as well."
"Move in was smooth & the leasing office staff has been really great. Very happy so far, especially bc we chose the apartment via the internet without ever seeing in person."
"Great apartment. People are nice and amazing location. Only issue is the smell nearby the dog park next to the garage, so if something can be done there that would be great"
"We have loved living here! The amenities are great, location is convenient and everything is always clean. My dogs and I love all of the walkable areas and the dog park is awesome."
"As it's cooling down we can open my door and enjoy relaxing in our living room with a nice breeze coming through. We have it made here, with all that Alexan Garza has to offer, from the awesome location to the amenities offered. Like we just got back from vacation and man did the dog need a bath, luckily we don't have to wash her in the bathtub we have our very own dog wash, which has everything you could possibly need. Anytime we need something, the staff is always more the willing to help. Such a great place to live"
"I found Alexan Garza Ranch online + after a minute of talking with Mary Helen I knew I wanted to live here. She was kind, informative, helpful and honest."
"I absolutely love living here. Not only do the apartments have a great set up, the amenities are fantastic. Everyone in the office is so nice and are always available to answer questions and sneak my pup a treat."
"Staff and maintenance are pretty good about addressing your needs quickly. Community spaces are clean and the people who live here are generally good!"
"Sewer charges increase monthly and nobody can explain it And they say is "conservice" but you have to pay to Alexan Garza Ranch. Would be nice to have accurate information."
"AGR is in the perfect location to access South Austin, Downtown Austin, and the Domain. The amenities are great and the apartment layout is perfect - kitchen has a big island."
"Great staff in leasing office, love the upgraded fit and finishes in my unit, and feel very safe and peaceful walking my dog around the area."
"Love the Staff and the Place! We are very happy to be here! We love our apartment and the area. Exactly what we needed and close to all the nice stores and restaurants."
"This is a nice place. The apartment is large and contemporary. It’s fairly quiet but sometimes the pool is crowded and noisy. The hallway floors are getting gross to look at."
"Mary Helen and Tory were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were both so helpful and accommodating and willing to help with any questions in which they responded immediately."
"Great amenities that give it a resort like feel. Great staff that is responsive. Love the pool, exercise room and access to packages 24 hours a day. Great location with easy access to downtown, airport, Greenway with shops and restaurants all in walking distance!"
"AGR has been such a pleasant experience. The cleanliness, the people, THE STAFF. The staff is what makes a great place so great. Customer service is truly key. Thank you so much AGR staff for being so amazing."
"Great amenities, responsive staff and nice units. I have only been in the community for a month but I am extremely happy with my decision to move to AGR!"
"Amazing staff, great location, and pretty good amenities. All bundled together for a reasonable price. Out of the dozens of apartments viewed, Alexan Garza Ranch had the best combo of everything."
"A year and a half or so into our lease and still so thankful we chose AGR as our home! Super helpful staff, lovely amenities, and an overall gorgeous complex!"
"Been here almost 5 months now, and still loving everything about the community! The amenities, staff, location, and value cannot be beat. My dog especially loves all of the doggy perks and will not pass the office without stopping fir some pets and a treat :-)"
"This place is very beautiful, I really enjoy the pool and the unlimited coffee such an amazing perk. The apartment is very nice and the people are very friendly."
"I haven’t moved in yet but so far the service has been great and very accommodative. I’m looking forward to getting to Austin and enjoying it."
"The staff is always on time, quick to fix maintenance issues, and beyond friendly. Tory is a massive reason why I moved here, when she gave me a tour she was comforting and encouraging. I have met so many incredible people that live in the complex that have more than definitely became great friends. I plan to live here for a couple of years or so. There are randomly maintenance issues, but they are handled very quickly and professionally! I have recommended many people to move here: friends and co-workers. Convinced one co-worker to move here already!"
"Can't say enough about how great it is to live at Alexan, I've moved around a lot and by far Alexan is number one when it comes to how great the staff is, to the amenities offered. Liked it so much, decided to stay here longer and renewed my lease!"
"Love the amenities. The pool is amazing. Parking is great. Location is great. My bike got stolen but I still like living here. I would recommend still"
"Nice place except for the parking garage. Way too tight around the corners and people don’t know how to drive. Other than that it is good, besides the Water being shut off every month"
"Been a great experience here! Always get fast responses from the maintenance team. The manager is the best. Leasing team answers questions quickly and efficiently."
"Great modern amenities! The gym is very new and had the latest treadmills and bikes. I also love that there is coffee and tea out near the leasing office every day."
"Almost 2 months in and we love it here! It’s clean, community is great/friendly, staff is helpful and the pool is literally the best thing ever. We don’t even feel like getting pool passes downtown anymore."
"So far, I am just excited to move in. The community is beautiful and the agent I worked with, Tori, was very helpful and friendly! Also great location!"
"Just another apartment complex, just good exterior look, but nothing extraordinary in the inside. Same issues with admin as always. Everything to sign, an then you become just another fish in yhe Atlantic..."
"We Have a great experience with alexans staff throughout all our move in process. So excited to live here and use all of the amenities the apartments have to offer!"
"Best apartment complex I’ve ever lived in. Clean. Nice staff. Quite (even on weekends). Common areas always clean. Always parking for guests"
"I love my apartment and all the amenities offered in the community. The office and maintenance staff are always friendly, helpful, and quick to respond."
"Moving here was a great decision! Wonderful amenities, friendly staff and a great location. We had a slight problem with our AC when we moved in but the maintenance team worked quickly to remedy it."
"I have loved living here! The apartments and amenities are so nice. Staff is great and so helpful with anything and everything. Location is great and is surrounded by so many go-to places. I love that they’re right off mopac and are just a short ride to downtown."
"Everyone in the office has been extremely kind and welcoming! S/O to the maintenance team too, I always see y’all workin your hearts out at the pool #RIP #thankyou"
"I love this community! It's so nice and luxurious. All the amenities are great and I love the pool! My unit is so spacious and even my cat loves it!"
"Great neighborhood, very enclosed and secure feeling. Generally xalm a d helpful nice people. Can be as involved or uninvolved in community and standard of participation doesn’t feel required to get most out of community"
"I've absolutely love the spacious apartment, and the amenities have left me spoiled with a gorgeous pool, convenient gym, tons of green space for the pup, and even more. Also, the location is perfect, with all your shopping needs within a mile or 2 of the entrance to the complex. Very happy to be living here!"
"Mary Helen was awesome. She was upbeat and friendly and informative. The property looked fantastic. It was well kept, clean, and easy to navigate. The pool is gorgeous. So far, the application process has been a breeze!"
"I am moving from across the country and had a short window to look at apartments. The staff was very accommodating to my last minute request. The place feels more like a resort than an apartment!"
"Leasing office, maintenance staff, and residents are all very warm and welcoming. Love the trails and dog park. I feel very safe in this community as a single woman living by myself, even when walking my dog late at night. Very peaceful!"
"The complex itself is very beautiful on the outside but I feel like the infrastructure isn't really the best. our water gets cut off every other week or so it feels like. the plumbing is not great whatsoever. I feel for what we pay, it should be a lot more decent. on a brighter note, I love the staff. they really go above and beyond and try their hardest to keep their residents happy."
"We were recommended here from a friend and immediately loved it! What was most important to us was a safe neighborhood, modern design, a nice gym with 24 hr access, and an accessible community room with 24 hr access. The only thing we are lacking right now is the fact that we don't have a balcony because we chose the model without and were excited to use the rooftop terrace balcony at any time, day or night, but it closes at 10 pm. I'm assuming due to COVID, so we're hoping the hours open up soon. Overral, amazing staff who are quick to respond and beyond friendly!... And a well kept property with very decent pricing. If you want to be close to everything but not right in the heart. Love it here!"
"Community is great. I am actually trying to join the AGR Jog group and people seem very enthusiastic and nice overall. Heidi, the girl at the front office is great. She is always very helpful, shes cool."
"Nice place but there seems to be a mold problem in building 5. The staff is nice and helpful I just think mold is beyond them. The building needs to be checked out big time."
"I personally have been so pleased with my experience at AGR. the staff works ridiculously hard to maintain good relationships with residents and help everyone. 10/10 for me"
"Mary at the leasing office is so warm and inviting! She really made AGR feel like it’s going to be home. Thank you to everyone at AGR for being so kind!"
"Heidi & Tory have been here from the start & they work very hard! They have done so much! Thank you! Apartments are so spacious with plenty of cabinet space & just all around beautiful! Plus having elfa shelving in closet! The quad in front of the apartment is nice for walking."
"Great it’s been fun living here and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a place to live. Great amenities and lots of space for your pets."
"This is a good location for me. It’s a little more costly with smaller apartments, but with the special offered, it works out okay. The grounds are kept clean and updated as I love the parking garage and large elevator for moving in."
"Great staff, always there to help. Clean complex and amenities. Although The residents are Bad dog owners. A lot people are leaving poop out, but has gotten better!"
"We just resigned our lease and are so excited to continue to live at AGR! Everything is still as perfect as ever, we’re finally starting to enjoy our patio and the perfect amount of space for some plants!"
"Can't beat the homes, location, amenities, or responsiveness from management, particularly for the price! Moved from another community here in Austin, and happy that I did."
"Really appreciate living here at Alexan Garza Ranch. The front office has been extremely supportive and I am thankful for all of the amenities."
"I have LOVED living at the Alexan. It feels like I am living in a house and not an apartment because of how spacious it is and how updated all appliances and furnishings are. The amenities are top notch and the customer service cannot be beat! I also feel so safe here which is a big priority. The location is quiet and the security of the gates and keys help a lot too. I would highly recommend this complex to everyone!"
"I’ve enjoyed my time here from the front desk and their helpfulness to all the amazing amenities! Great location too. Also extremely pet friendly with the dog runs!"
"We just renewed our lease! We are so excited to have another year here, staff and maintenance are the best. Great area to live in and great place to call home"
"There have been a few too many water issues based on the construction taking place but otherwise good value for money and friendly, helpful staff."
"Absolutely love living here for so many reasons. It's the perfect location for me, my partner, and our roommate. The amenities frequently come in handy. The grounds are aesthetically pleasing. The maintenance staff responds in a timely manner. Only downfall is that I live on the side of the building where construction for a small hotel can be quite loud, but we knew that was going to be the case when we moved in, and they're done with most of the louder tasks. All in all, I love living here and very much look forward to renewing."
"AGR is amazing!! I have lobe living here and the concrete floor and wood grain cabinets. The staff is also really nice. The dog parks are an added bonus!"
"Apartment is in a great location with grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and almost everything you need. Apartment is also located off mopac."
"I love my apartment so much that this is the first place I have ever renewed a lease. I especially love the location and it’s proximity to shopping, grocery stores and hike/bike trails."
"Out of all the apartments I've lived at Alexan Garza Ranch by far has the best amenities. The gym with the peloton, stairs, weights, and squat rack itself are a plus! Only wish covid was not around so we could enjoy it more. The only negative thing I have to say so far is the thing walls. I live on the first floor and constantly heard our neighbors upstairs making noise. It sounded like they were rearranging furniture each night. Also, we can hear multiple dogs barking in their homes as if it was right outside our door."
"I’ve had a wonderful experience here so far and love the friendly and helpful staff! Thanks for all you all do! - Sincerely- Katherine Pierson"
"I would love to see standup forward-facing washer/dryers in the units. Since these are modern/luxury, the stackable is a bit tacky and it's unfortunate that it cannot handle bulky items like large blankets and comforters."
"Parking is difficult, especially for guests. Water shut offs are frequent. Hallways are rarely ever cleaned. Issues with trash services. Amenities can rarely be used without residents complaining in app."
"Great place to live, wonderful area, lovely staff. My main concern is parking. The spaces are tight and people drive 30 mph in the garage. The staff is always responsive to issues that arise though."
"Great community and excellent staff! Glad I was able to get such a great deal on an apartment. The 6 weeks free really helps ease the whole moving process. Would recommend to anyone."
"Great place to live. Amenities are really nice and units are brand new. Good fixture selections, the whole works. Nice outside dog park. Nice people"
"The apartment units are really nice & spacious. Although the washer/dryers are new, they could have been a bit higher grade. I’ve been highly dissatisfied w/noise transfer from above. For a mid-rise, these are not built to condo specs, so if you live underneath someone who doesn’t “care” about shared living space, it can/has been extremely difficult. I honestly don’t know if noise violations are even given. Some people find a way around this. The halls are not kept as clean. There are continuous spills, trash leakage, & pet issues. I was told twice, via email & phone prior to move-in that hallways were on a weekly cleaning schedule. This was not & is still not true. There have been no activities due to COVID, while other Greystar communities have managed to have some. The constant water issues here has not helped, though I think as of 4 days ago, it is finally over. The snowstorm didn’t help & I don’t have the energy to describe the situation."
"Love to live here! AGR team is amazing and always doing a great job even on tough times they’re always there! I definitely recommend this place and this incredible team"
"Overall, we have enjoyed living in this neighborhood. The location is fantastic - sunset valley being around the corner along with HEB and downtown being nearby as well. All of the staff are friendly and sweet! My only wishes is that there was a better way that residents be held more accountable for breaking the rules/guidelines i.e. leaving trash/dog poop uncleaned, slamming doors/yelling in halls/loud music. I know some of that is hard to control but with more security it could probably be avoided. I would also like to see better security for the parking garage- I know some things are unavoidable because people are sneaky, but the gate is often left open for hours. On the flip side, the amenities are nice, the units are nice and updated and there’s always a friendly face around the corner."
"I like living here but there are definitely things that need to improve. The unit itself is nice and spacious. The amenities are beautiful and usually not over crowded. The front office staff is always friendly. They also do what they can to accommodate whenever things are down. However the hallways are always dirty, there is dog poop everywhere and no way to hold people accountable, security is lacking and noise complaints go unheard. I think a majority of the problem is the residents that live here that don’t care at all about a shared living space. The front office as always been so nice and it’s not their fault. It’s ownership that needs to take accountability for the things going on in the complex."
"AGR has continually been communicative and helpful when things arise. Certain things have been out of their control but they always aim to offer help and assistance where they can for the residents. The complex in general is gorgeous and has a wonderful community feel!"
"The amenities are beautiful in this apartment complex and the employees are always friendly and quick to lend a helping hand. This is definitely the nicest place I have lived and a great location!"
"Great tour, facilities, and location. I am really looking forward to our upcoming move! This was the best apartment in south Austin and checked all our boxes."
"Overall good experience. Quiet and clean complex. Would recommend to others. Esther and her staff are wonderful, very helpful. The amenities are very nice, especially the gym and pool!"
"I have been a resident for over a year, and I have very few issues living here. Noise is one of them; another is an ongoing struggle with the pipes, which seem to spring a leak like clockwork every 6-8 weeks because no one accounted appropriately for the city's water pressure and which require the water to be shut down for the entire building for hours at a time. It's really unacceptable that a new building should have so many plumbing issues. I still enjoy living here 90% of the time."
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