B3 two bed/two bath floorplan - Find the Lifestyle You Deserve

Find the Lifestyle You Deserve

Enjoy the luxury apartment home you have been searching for in the B3 two bed/two bath only at Alexan Garza Ranch. Find the lifestyle you deserve wrapped in luxury apartment features in Austin, Texas. Your downtime deserves a serious upgrade. You can live the life you want inside of one thousand one hundred sixty-seven square feet. Picture yourself spending lazy weekends in perfect comfort every minute you spend at home. When you aren’t relaxing in your fantastic new apartment, you should spend time exploring Austin with your friends. You can find plenty of dining, shopping, and entertainment choices to see why everyone wants to live here. Start enjoying yourself. Find the life you want right here.

You Deserve It

The best reason for choosing a two-bedroom is space. What...

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taquitos and frijoles especiales - pic by Ale M. on Yelp - Oye Taquito Near Alexan Garza Ranch

Oye Taquito Near Alexan Garza Ranch

What local favorite will you find in your first week of living at Alexan Garza Ranch, luxury apartment homes in Austin, Texas? When cravings for tacos from the Valley strike, the only cure is tacos and tostadas from the Oye Taquito food truck on Brodie Lane. Every meal is takeout. The only question is whether they will make it home or finish them in your car. They’re that good! Of...

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fire pit in the courtyard w/ seating at Alexan Garza Ranch - Picture an Ideal Weekend

Picture an Ideal Weekend

What comes to mind when you picture an ideal weekend? If it looks anything like your last fantastic vacation, you are in for a treat. Hop into fun outdoor and indoor community amenities at Alexan Garza Ranch. Feel the difference an Austin luxury apartment home makes in your overall outlook. Celebrate your first weekend at Alexan Garza Ranch exploring Austin with friends. Upscale dining, local...

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Spa bathroom at Alexan Garza Ranch - Stylish Comfort is Easy to Find

Stylish Comfort is Easy to Find

Isn’t it time you started living the lifestyle you deserve? Stylish comfort is easy to find at Alexan Garza Ranch, luxury apartment homes in Austin, Texas. Nothing settles you into an Austin frame of mind like premium apartment amenities. A comfy home is a good start for exploring a new city. Find an adventure. Upscale dining and shopping are always nearby when you live at Alexan Garza...

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A1 one bed/one bath at Alexan Garza Ranch - Enjoy a Relaxing Home

Enjoy a Relaxing Home

Don’t you deserve to find your special place in this world? Why not make it luxurious? Enjoy a relaxing home in the A1 one-bedroom at Alexan Garza Ranch, luxury apartment homes in Austin, Texas. See what a difference that seven hundred seventeen square feet of premium luxury features can make in your life. A beautiful apartment is perfect for letting you settle into the laid back pace...

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