Awesome Austin Apartments

A home should be something to be proud of, to return to at the end of every day with a great feeling of satisfaction, or to bring your loved ones over to hang out and catch up on stories. Here at Alexan Garza Ranch, all our awesome luxury apartments are modern day marvels, featuring the best amenities to free up your spare time and to ease away your troubles in seconds flat.

First of all, our luxury apartments have ceilings at least nine feet tall. This means you have more space to stack up your highest bookshelves, more wall area to display your favorite photographs or artwork, and more elbow room between you and your guests to stretch and play around with. Cook for two or twenty in our contemporary kitchens, complete with a top-of-the-line stainless-steel appliance package,...

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Two Bedroom Austin Apartments

B5: Bountiful Two Bedroom Austin Apartments

Life is never meant to be experienced alone. Some of our best memories are made with others, whether it’s from a simple hangout session with your best friend that turned more profound overtime, or an already deep...

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Halloween Scares in the Savanna in Austin

Everyone likes a trip to a good zoo, where the animals feel right at home, the exhibits are beautiful and reflective of habitats outside our comfort zone, and the activities are endless. This time of year, that fun...

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Live Full-Austin

Live Full-Austin at Alexan Garza Ranch

Few places offer a lifestyle commensurate with their namesake. Aside from the old standbys of New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, Austin is a world unto itself. Live Full-Austin when you make your new home at Alexan Garza Ranch. Luxury apartments never had it so good, and now you can live well too. Wrap yourself in luxury apartment features that nourish your aesthetics and make life easier....

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Your Portion of Joy

Your Portion of Joy

Fight back against the pressures of multiple meetings, deadlines, goals; the list can seem endless. Yes, it’s true, everyone is busy. Make sure you have a home that helps you relax, recharge, and reassess in the right proportion for fantastic work/life balance. Find your portion of joy at Alexan Garza Ranch. There is more to luxury than beauty. Ample luxury apartment features help you focus...

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